Airstreaming Radio is a 24/7 station founded by Joani Thompson who is the producer and host of CharacterDriven on CHLY 101.7 radio. She began her work in media in the 1970s and pioneered the concept of telecommuting when she operated a business she began in Market Square, Victoria, BC Canada by administrating staff and clients from her home where she was raising her six children.  

Joani was chosen to host a television show on CHEK TV in Victoria at the age of 16 and her early experience in theatre as prepared her for her work as producer for SHAW TV as well as radio, live theatre and multi media event productions.  In the 1980s Joani was a writer for The Islander Magazine published by the Victoria Times Colonist and was honoured to be part of the “Women In This Decade” photographic display sponsored by the BC government. Her work has been featured in many publications and as owner of D’Angelo Studios she was the cover photographer for Island Parent Magazine as well as designing photo shoots and layouts for school districts, municipal organizations and other corporate and non-profit groups. She began producing “slide/tape” presentations for non-profit organizations using her unique style of interviews, music and images to promote projects that needed funding and support.

Based on her experience and interest in remote learning and administration Joani was asked to participate in a pilot project sponsored by the Canadian Government in 1988. INet 2000 connected people around the world to Big Blue and Brothers, an experimental bulletin board service accessible onto to government and academics prior to that date. Connection was facilitated via a 1200 Baud modem and software which she ran in a computer that had been upgraded from her original Apple IIE which she began using as a writer in 1982. 

In 1996 Joani began developing her own website, to support her work as a filmmaking instructor and theatrical supply company as well as to highlight her own work as a writer, photographer, artist and instructor as well as providing an online retail outlet for the theatre industry. She began live streaming events in the early 2000’s when she founded her company Character Driven Media. As an award winning photographer and third generation filmmaker she has been immersed in various kinds of media throughout her life and has  combined her love of visual and audio media, her passion for livestreaming and remote broadcasting and entrepreneurial bent to create Character Driven Media.

Most importantly, Joani is the mother of six amazing, creative children who have gone on to make their mark in the world. Her desire to spend time with her children led her to develop creative hands on learning programs for children so that she could invite other kids into her home and business rather than sending them off to be cared for by others. Her full time, part time and drop in services became the basis for the Narnia Child Care Centre which she began in 1985 after having worked out of her home for several years. She realized that the need for flexible child care was essential to parents like her who were freelancers who simply needed a break in many cases as was the situation when her mother died while she was pregnant with her fourth child. Her grief and sense of loss led to an understanding that many parents don’t have extended family in their lives and need the support of the community. Her passion for kids extended to starting a school that is still a going concern, though she moved on to opening a commercial photography studio once most of her children were in school themselves. She began offering theatre classes, which later became filmmaking workshops, out of the the studio, founded the Behind the Lens Kids’ Film Festival and offered workshops through the Victoria International Film Festival. Joani continues to provide support to creative kids, some of whom have gone on to do work in the field themselves, through various programs and events. She is particularly interested in providing opportunities for people young and old to become involve in media and livestreaming in their own communities, having been designated the Livestream Coordinator at CHLY radio in 2013.  

You can tune in to CharacterDriven  on terrestrial radio every Monday at Noon to 1 pm Pacific or click on one of the icons below to hear the show on your computer or device using the live options at screen right.

Airstreaming Radio has been on the air for several years with Joani as the sole programmer, host and producer. in the current situation she believes that the services provided by a 24/7 station run by amateur and professional DJs are just what the doctor ordered. The ability to provide responsive, immediate and relevant services at a time of global need makes her feel that her life skills and experience have come together for “just a time as this”. Please consider supporting the project through a single donation or monthly commitment of $5 or more and stay tuned for more exciting news about upcoming projects, guests, shows and talented hosts! 

If you are interested in hosting a show, please send a pitch via the contact form by clicking the envelope at the left of the page.